800K CARBON WEAVE has a lower tensile strength than 700K but is not as heavy, as it utilizes more, thinner stands. 800K is used to lessen the weight in low-stress areas and found in all of our SL (SuperLight) frames.

700K CARBON WEAVE has a higher tensile strength than 800K and is slightly heavier, as it utilizes less, thicker stands. 700K resists bending in high-stress areas and is used in all standard, non-SL frames.

"K" is short for ksi ("kilo-pound [force] per square inch"), which denotes the material's tensile strength or the force required to pull the material to its breaking point.

ENHANCED MODULUS HYBRID (EMH) series or non-SL frames now feature our exclusive Enhanced Modulus Hybrid, a mix of intermediate-modulus fibers (700K) and high-modulus fibers (800K) that provide increased performance and lower weight at an incredible value.

FLUID DESIGN (FD) defines Kestrel engineering: the continuous flow of long filament fibers, the fluid lines of modular monocoque frames, and in the case of our aero offerings, the airfoil tubes and frame sections that provide a smooth and fluid ride that allows for full power to the pedals.

"PRE-PREG" means that Kestrel's carbon is pre-impregnated with a proprietary, toughened thermoset resin matrix that reduces voids in the integrity structure of the carbon sheeting after baking, resulting in an overall lighter frame.

PROPRIETARY BONDING DESIGN & TECHNIQUES is an engineer-dictated, proven, two-part, aerospace-grade adhesive that requires a more rigorous and thorough curing process compared to cheaper, single-stage glues.

MODULAR MONOCOQUE CONSTRUCTION combines the best of Kestrel frame technology, EMS fork technology, and structural bonding techniques for maximized performance, fit, ride quality, and style.

OPTIMIZED TUBE SHAPES & JUNCTION DESIGN means tubes and junctions sized and shaped for given loading conditions and functional requirements. Kestrel pioneered the use of long-fiber technology to carry the loads continuously from one tube through a reinforced junction into another tube.

LONG FIBER FILAMENTS ensure more integrity in the frame's critical stress areas: the junction zones. This improves frame compliance without sacrificing strength.

KESTREL SUPER LIGHT (KSL) frames represent constant engineering refinement for more than 25 years of carbon frame design and manufacturing. Kestrel's 2013 SL frames feature a new blend of high-modulus carbon fibers that increase stiffness and ride quality in a way that only Kestrel can provide.

RIDE TUNED "H" STAYS are modular monocoque seatstays and chainstays engineered for efficient power transfer and lateral tracking to enhance the carbon ride. We use a unique blend of 700K and 800K carbon in our stays to provide a superior ride unique to Kestrel.

SIZE-SPECIFIC STRUCTURAL DESIGN & FIBER LAYUP means tube and junction sizes are designed in proportion to the individual frame size. We vary the type, amount, and ply angles of our carbon fiber "pre-preg" throughout each frame design to ensure that our small frames are ideal for a lightweight

ENHANCED MODULUS SYSTEM (EMS) line of professional quality components began in 1989 with the development of our patented Kestrel EMS forks and seat posts.

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